Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Taylor Lautner Says: Kristen Stewart Makes A Hot Vampire In ‘Breaking Dawn’! Cover Your Ears, Robert Pattinson!

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Taylor also says Edward tears his headboard to ‘shreds’ while making love to Bella!

Even though Taylor Lautner‘s Twilight character Jacob Black can’t stand watching Bella [Kristen Stewart] become a vampire, he says in real-life it’s totally H-O-T! We already knew that a lot would change once she became one of the Cullens. But judging by Taylor’s reaction during his Access Hollywood interview, it sounds like Bella’s beauty will be more overwhelming than we could ever imagine!
“[Bella as a vampire] ya it’s pretty hot, pretty hot, I’ve got to admit it.” Taylor laughs. “Yup [laughs, the headboard] got torn to shreds.”
Taylor goes on to say that Twi-hards should be incredibly excited for Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn: Part 1 because Rob’s, Kristen’s and his own characters are very different in this film.
“I have seen [Breaking Dawn]! To be honest I was blown away!” Taylor says. “Our director Bill Condondid such a good job. The book in the franchise is very different from any of the other ones and the movie feels that same way and I think it’s going to be very exciting for the fans to see this one. It’s the same characters except in a completely different light.  The franchise has opened the door for all of us. It’s given us the opportunity to go off and do separate things. Tell stories that we’re passionate about and that we want to tell. and that for me is Abduction.”
You don’t have to wait too much longer, Breaking Dawn hits theaters Nov. 18!

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