Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New 'Dark Shadows' Photos Reveal Bloody Johnny Depp


Much ado has been made over the first photos of "Dark Shadows," Tim Burton and Johnny Depp's next highly-anticipated film together. First we got a look at Depp in crazy heavy white makeup, which had a lot of dedicated fans more than miffed, and then came the first official photo, complete with proper lighting and coloring, which helped alleviate those aforementioned fan fears.
And today we have even more Burton/Depp/Dark Shadowy goodness to pore over, courtesy a newsy feature in Empire, and two brand new photos, which are once again likely to raise a stir.
In the two newest photos, we see perfectly coiffed and '70s style appropriate Michelle Pfeiffer as Elizabeth Stoddard, and Jonny Lee Miller as Roger Collins seated at a dinner table, with Burton directing in the middle. The mood in the photo is similar to the family portrait-style pic previously released: somber and dark. The second photo is a close-up of Burton and Depp working out a hand gesture of some sort. Depp is once again in that creepy white make-up, along with what looks to be an equally white burned or mauled left hand (burned by sun exposure, perhaps?).
Other newsworthy mentions in Empire's story revolve around the film's setting, and if we'll be viewing the final cut in two dimensions or three.
"Tim and Johnny took a long time explaining exactly why it had to be 1972," screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith told the magazine. "1969 was too early and 1973 was too late. 1972 is right at the time when the hippie movement and all its peace and love is dying out and being replaced by this me-me-me generation in the '70s who are all about showing their wealth and having everything."
And for the anti-3D film purists out there, producer Richard Zanuck revealed you will be happy to learn that "Dark Shadows" will be presented in good old fashioned 2D.
"We didn't want to be categorized as another 3D extravaganza, because this isn't. We have action sequences, but mostly it's interaction between characters, and that's where the humor and the story come from."
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