Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nicolas Cage Being Sued Over Vampire Movie!

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Oh, Nic!

It seems like Nicolas Cage is CONSTANTLY involved in some sort of financial/personal/legal dramz, and now he's got a new issue to contend with…or actually an 11 year old issue!

Back in 2000, Nicolas Cage was a producer on vamp film Shadow of the Vampire, and it appears that he owes another producer from the film at least $77,176!

According to the lawsuit filed by Early Bird Productions, Shadow producer Paul Brooks was owed $77k+ for his work on the film, and Nic was supposed to pay him, but never did.

Don't worry, Nic. We know $$$ is sometimes tight for ya, but we're sure you can earn this money pret-ty quickly. 

…Perhaps another couple of Ghost Rider sequels???

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