Thursday, June 23, 2011

BRIDPORT: Christian group to protest at Bridport pagan meeting

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CHRISTIAN demonstrators are planning to protest outside a pagan moot in Bridport in an attempt to warn people about the “dangers” of the occult.

The new Christian movement, known as Christian Soldiers Dorset, will hold their first protest outside of a pagan moot in Bridport next month.

The group say they are expecting a high turn out for what is planned to be a peaceful vigil.

Organiser of the Pagan Moot, Adam Marlborough, however says the protest is a waste of time and will not deter him or others from holding meetings.

 “I believe in freedom of speech but I do think there are better things they could do with their time,” he said.

“I don’t have any problem with it as long as it’s peaceful but that remains to be seen as there was a spiritual fair in Bridport not long ago which the police had to be called to due to protestors.

“I think people pick on easy targets, they wouldn’t picket outside a mosque for instance and yet they don’t share their views. It certainly won’t deter me from holding the moot though.”

The Bridport Pagan Moot will be held at the George Hotel on Tuesday, July 5th at 8pm.

The moot is held every month; July’s meeting features a talk by Anastasia entitled ‘Earth Astrology and Colour Energy.’

A spokesperson for the Christian Soldiers Dorset group said: “We are a new Christian movement in Dorset, set up to warn people, especially the young, of the dangers of getting involved in the occult. To this end we aim to hold peaceful vigils outside occult events, in the hope of turning people away from the path of evil towards God’s love.”

Protesters will be gathering outside the meeting at 7:45pm.

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