Thursday, December 2, 2010

No More Kids For Brangelina…For Now!

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Six is enough!
Angelina Jolie recently revealed that as of now, she and Brad Pitt have no desire to expand their family with another child, because they want to make sure that the six they have already feel as though they're getting enough attention!
She explains:
"No, I think it's very important to give our children the individual attention they need now before expanding our family. You try to feel them, because at different times, different children need you, you must find the time to listen to them. Brad and I are also really lucky because between the two of us, we can spread the attention around."
Well said!
And we're sure that all of those children feel their parents love and support on a daily basis, but we can understand why they wouldn't want to compromise that with any more additions at the moment!

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