Monday, December 27, 2010

Analyzing the Doctor Who Series 6 Trailer

By Sam McPherson for TV Overmind on December 26th, 2010

I had completely forgotten about the trailer for the next series of Doctor Who popping up after the Christmas special, and so I was pleasantly surprised to see that familiar "COMING SOON" logo after Michael Gambon and Katherine Jenkins rode off in their shark-sleigh. It was even more surprising to me, though, that the promo held its own against the Christmas special itself. That's nothing against the brilliant "A Christmas Carol" -- the promo was just that good.

Here's the video below, and below that we'll go shot by shot through the promo to try and make sense of all those jump cuts. Strap yourselves in -- this is great stuff.

Link to the Trailer - Click Here

It looks like this is from roughly 17th century France, judging by the musketeers. Last time we were here ("The Girl in the Fireplace" from series 2), things went very creepily.
 Analyzing the Doctor Who Series 6 Trailer

This is clearly from a different episode from the Musketeers. It's still set in the past, though -- these guys are from Hitler's SS. This will mean that we're having our second WWII episode in two years, after last year's abysmal "Victory of the Daleks."
 Analyzing the Doctor Who Series 6 Trailer

Quite clearly, the Doctor has literally been running, followed closely by Amy and... is that River Song?
 Analyzing the Doctor Who Series 6 Trailer

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