Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Thank you Dlisted for the image of the year!!!

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True Blood's Nest organized a battle between Vampire Beeeeehl and ASkars to see who could suck out the most money for charity. The loser had to pose for a picture while wearing a t-shirt designed by the winner. Well, as you can tell by the fact that your khakis are around your ankles and a "DO NOT DISTURB" sign is hung over your cubicle wall, Vampire Beeehl's team won and he forced the Swedish meatball to pose in a pink "Bill's Bitch" t-shirt.

Beeehl raised $35,043 for the Gulf Relief Foundation and ASkars raised $34,223 for SOS Children's Villages.
These pictures are definitely worth a thousand words (and other things). And they're even worth more if you pull the camera back with your imagination and picture Beehl standing on one of Tommy Girl's apple boxes to kiss his Swedish bitch. Now who's the real bitch, Beeeeehl?

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