Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Power Rangers - Christian Reviews of Witchy Projects

I am sadly addicted to ChristianAnswers.net. I love to see how Christians, and other religions, view projects with alternate religious, or secular, view points. Currently, Power Rangers has 48% on Rotten Tomatoes, but several of my friends, and my daughter's friends, have seen it and loved it. The reviews through CA.net skips over the Pagan/Witchly character in the film: Rita Repulsa, played by the incomparable Elizabeth Banks. They focus more on the Evolutionary science presented, a gay character, and a singing nun.

This week, I proudly share with you ChristianAnswers.net reviews for the new film Power Rangers!

Moral Rating: Very Offensive

"Some may think that the “very offensive” rating is too strong for this film, but I think it is necessary due to the amount of sexual innuendo and inappropriate content present in the film (see below under objectionable content). Especially for a film that appeals to kids, I believe a strong warning needs to be sounded. Children are impressionable, and there are just too many red flags in this film. Even one instance of innuendo can stay in the mind for years. We must not underestimate its damaging effects. Such content is not only harmful but absolutely unnecessary.

There is a scene where it is heavily implied that one of the Rangers has embraced homosexuality. The media is highlighting this fact, calling her the first openly Gay superhero. The film doesn’t actually come right out and say that, but it is strongly implied, fully intentional, and the Director acknowledges that this. In a movie that appeals to kids, parents have to be ready with answers. Even if they don’t allow their kids to see the film, they will likely hear about this character at school or through the media.
There are biblical answers for this. Scripture is clear that homosexuality is a sin, but it is also equally clear that it is not a sin too strong for the Gospel (1 Cor 6:9-11). Jesus Christ came to save all sinners who will turn to Him. Christians need to be truthful about this matter, but also compassionate and loving to those who are struggling with this sin, or any other sin. We are to offer them hope in the Gospel. We must not believe Satan’s lie that the Gospel is not powerful enough to change a person struggling with this sin. The Gospel is God’s power to save anyone who believes and repents, and it has the power to break every kind of sin (Romans 1:16; 6:11-14)."

Positive—I found this movie enjoyable with a decent plot and good acting. In fact, the beginning of the movie was reminiscent of “The Breakfast Club.” I found very little content that was objectionable for this type of movie. There was almost no profanity, the only sexual content was a girl in very modest underwear before jumping into a lake, and there was a mention of bullying and the after effect of such behavior. There was also the two mentions of innuendo, which were mild and would likely go right over small children’s heads.

If you’re worried of a non biblical worldview, I’d be less afraid of the comment of the Earth being 65 million years old and more concerned that all life would be destroyed if the “magical” stone were ripped out of the ground, but this is a sci-fi after all. more »
My Ratings: Moral rating: Better than Average / Moviemaking quality: 4
—James Carpenter, age 46 (USA)

Positive—Honestly, I feel the media has been blowing up this whole gay thing WAY outta proportion just to cast light and attention to themselves. The so called “homosexual” scene in question is when the Rangers are trying to get to know each other more. When they question one particular secluded character, Trini, they ask her about her relationships. They ask “boy trouble, girl trouble?” This is just implied, as they don’t know a thing about her. She doesn’t even respond to the question, only talks about her trouble relating to her parents or them understanding her, which is a serious issue all parents and teenagers face. Ultimately, it’s up to your own interpretation of the character, but it does open good opportunities for both parents and teens to talk. Cautious parents can talk before or after the movie so as their kids will understand the context. more »
My Ratings: Moral rating: Better than Average / Moviemaking quality: 4
—Joshua, age 28 (USA)"

"Comments from non-viewers
Negative—…I was disappointed that the new “Beauty and the Beast” film was promoting the LGBT propaganda. Now here’s another film that I’ll have to boycott. I’m so tired of having this agenda crammed down my throat. The only way we as Christians will get this to stop is to put our money where our mouth is. If we don’t take a stand now, what will the future look like?
—John Johnson, age 21 (USA)

Negative—Of course I am not watching “Power Rangers,” another movie targeting preteens with promoting Gay agenda, promiscuity, gender confusion, etc. It’s disgraceful with as many church-going Christians in America, that movies like this continue with success. Until Christians and conservatives begin to put their money where their mouth is, we’ll continue down the same trajectory as gutted Europe. Wake up America—Boycott Hollywood!!!…
—Harry, age 45 (USA)"

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