Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Today's Right Wing Film Review - 'The Croods'

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**I had to expand my reviews to other sites, because there are so many fun ones to look at now:-)  I will try and have these up daily.

"Negative—We were able to go to a pre-screening for this movie. I will say ahead of time that I am glad I didn’t pay for our 3D tickets. Other then it really doesn’t need to be made in 3D and you are wasting your money by going to a 3D showing, there was something else that just about made me walk out before 5 minutes of the actual movie even went by. The main character in the story is named Eep. Her cave man outfit or whatever it was was ENTIRELY too short! I mean it made me embarrassed to be there with my 8 year old son. I am not a prude by any stretch of the imaginatio,n per say, but this was VERY uncalled for. It added absolutely nothing to the story line and was very distracting for me. 

My 8 year old son is VERY impressionable about these types of things as most 8 year old boys. The character’s dress was so short I would have said several times that you could see her underwear (if she was a real live person). In one scene she is climbing a rock face wall or a tree (I cannot remember which one) and the other main character “Guy” was climbing up behind her, and I am thinking that “He can see up her dress.” Because it was so short. It is very unfortunate the movie makers thought they needed to add this to the movie, because other then that it was a great movie and had a great message about family, sticking together and growing up. more »

Take away the short dress and the message is very clear that family is very important. The dad (Grug) has a hard time trying to let his little daughter grow up and be her own person. I loved that part of the movie as my daughter is turning 10 years old and we are facing the same issues. Next time, movie people please do not put a cartoon character in such skimpy clothing. It’s not worth it and most people don’t like it! I also would have rated it MUCH MUCH higher on movie making quality if not for the such short dress Eep was wearing. Take away the dress and I would rank this movie a 8 or even a 9."

"Negative—I have noticed how, over the last 10 years or more, that we except a truth with a lie… just what Satan would have us believe, right? Yes, we can bring Scripture to this film, to make us feel better at having seen it, or better yet, our children. But their’s an elephant sitting in the screen… Evolution at it’s finest, and for the masses. 

As a Christian, I’m talking about being a” bearer of Christ Jesus Name'… I have a difficult time watching all these so-called Christian views, claiming the “innocence” of this film. Do you seriously think the only things we should consider when making a decision to watch a film with our children, is foul language, violence, and sex?! There’s sooo much more to be keeping watch over… Satan knows exactly what he’s doing. more »

It is the post modern Christian who is unaware of the deceit of Satan in these films. How must our Heavenly Father feel when watching His children laugh at sin[the belief of evolution]when He gave His Son, watching His Son’s blood spill over for us, for our sin."

Copyright, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, DreamWorks Animation

Comments from non-viewers
"Negative—I haven’t seen the movie yet, but most likely will. I’m posting a negative comment because I did watch a behind the scenes available on Netflix for this movie. My problem is the fact that this movie is promoting evolution in a huge way. I’m surprised it’s not even mentioned in the main review. Origins and Biblical authority is one of the key reasons young people are leaving the church. If you can’t believe Genesis, why trust the rest? Parents be warned there is a message here and it will influence the hearts and minds of your children. The movie could be used for some good conversations."

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