Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kristin Cavallari Excited Yoga Can Help Pregger Celebriyogis, Too


“About to try yoga..I hear it helps with giving birth so sign me up! Whatever I can do to help that process!” Tweeted 25-year-old and newly preggers Kristin Cavallari.
Kristin Cavawho? You know, the star from that incredibly popular reality teenbop show The Hills, that made us all so thrilled not to be teenagers anymore? Some of you may be more familiar with her as a recent contestant on Dancing With the Stars, or perhaps you’re one of her 801k followers on twitter! In any case, we thought we’d share a bit of fluffy positive celebriyoginews in the midst of scandal tsunamihurricanadoclusterfluff.
Kristin Cavallari Yoga
Beyonce’s doing mommy and baby yoga, young starlets are getting to the prenatal yog, what’s next? We all accept our bodies and the public/tabloids back off from giving mamas a hard time about eating during pregnancy? Seriously, the Daily Mail digs Kristin for going to the food store post-workout. The yoga glow is strong though! And at least baby swinging hasn’t penetrated Hollywood, thank goodness.
Do your kegels, girlfriend.

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