Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pope Francis Pagan Comments Call Out High-And-Mighty Christians

Huffington Post

Pope Francis continued his denunciation of greed, luxury and pride during his Wednesday audience by declaring that showing off is a decidedly unchristian value.
Catholic News Agency reported how Pope Francis stressed the importance of being humble and of service to the needy by explaining the true meaning of the Christmas story. “In Christmas, God reveals himself not as one who stands above and who dominates the universe, but as He who lowers himself,” said Pope Francis.
"It means that to be like Him, we do not have to place ourselves above the others, but come down, come down and serve them, become small among the small, and poor among the poor," he explained, according to Rome Reports.
"It's a bad thing when one sees a Christian that does not want to come down, a Christian that uses everything to show off. Not nice, eh? That is not Christian, that is paganism," Pope Francis said.

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