Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Emraan Hashmi shocked to hear about existence of witches

The Times of India

It is learnt that when he started shooting for his forthcoming film, 'Ek Thi Daayan', actor Emraan Hashmi was shocked to hear that real daayans (witches) do exist. Even more so when told that they are very much active and still practicing witchcraft even in a metropolitan city like Mumbai.

Seems the actor found it hard to believe all this initially, till director Kannan Iyer told him about the existence of Wiccans in the city. The filmmaker also got one of their film's crew member, who had done research on the subject, to share some of the material with the actor. That's when Emraan agreed that 'daayans' not only exist but are also active in the city, we're told.
A source associated with the movie tells us that the crew member who had done extensive research on the cult of Wiccans invite the actor to join him on a visit to see how womenpractice witchcraft.
"The guy also told Emraan about the signs and symbols Wiccans use, that common people can't understand their meaning, and even showed them on the doors and windows of the house of one such Wiccan," recalled our source, adding that only when the actor saw the signs and symbols for himself did he believe that the cult still exists. "At the same time, Emraan hasn't been able to get over the fact that 'daayans' still exist," sums up our informer.

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