Thursday, June 28, 2012

'The Evil Dead' Gets Animated -- Mondo Style

Army of Darkness
The folks at Mondo must be beaming with pride today --one of their posters has inspired a new animated short. Based on an Olly Moss design, Ex Mortis Films and director Daniel M. Kanemoto have come up with a minute-long journey through Sam Raimi's Evil Dead films. Watch it below.
The thing I love about this short is that it not only has some pretty cool design, direction, and animation, but it could almost serve as an example of how to do an Evil Dead ride at Disneyland. Not that the studio is going to incorporate splatter comedy into their theme parks any time soon, but Kanemoto's work is reminscent of some of the great old Disney rides that encapsulate the films on which they're based in fun, spooky ways -- like "Pinococchio's Daring Journey" and "Snow White's Scary Adventures." Oh well, a guy can dream...  For more from Ex Mortis, go to

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