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'American Gods' season 1 spoilers: New character not in book appears in series

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British Author Neil Gaiman Talks To A Reporter As He Arrives At The Premiere Of The Animated Movie 'Coraline.'
British author Neil Gaiman talks to a reporter as he arrives at the premiere of the animated movie "Coraline" in Portland, Oregon February 5, 2009. Reuters
Those who have read the book “American Gods,” which will serve as the basis of this upcoming series by Starz, have witnessed all sorts of gods that walked the earth because of worship though history. However, it looks like one crucial plot point that was not part of the books has found its way to the series -- guns.
Spoiler alert! This article contains “American Gods” spoilers. Read on if you would like to know what happens next before the next episode airs
Popular Neil Gaiman novel-turned-TV series “American Gods” will be addressing guns in a very real way. The show, which will debut in April 2017, gives another look at gods who roam the earth because people have made them real through their faith. However, in America, these gods have to fight for the attention of believers who are putting their existence at risk by worshipping newer gods that have risen out of newer habits. These include the gods of the Internet and social media.
Entertainment Weekly, in its exclusive first look, reveals a new character who roams through both worlds in the series -- Vulcan. This character is played by Corbin Bernsen and is loosely based on the Roman god of volcanoes and metallurgy. Therefore, this makes him the god of weaponry and fire which, if translated to a modern setting, equates to a god who does fairly well in a setting where guns rule.
Showrunner Bryan Fuller reveals that Vulcan is the god of the volcano and the forge, therefore, the modern-day extrapolation of what this god could do equates with America’s obsession with guns and gun control. He also reveals that, essentially, if one has a gun in his or her hand, it is a mini volcano; and there is a lot that this character could do.
Vulcan did not appear in Neil Gaiman’s 2001 novel, which serves as the basis for the series. However, Gaiman himself finds this character to be an important and relevant addition. The idea first appeared when Gaiman was due to write an episode for the series. Fortunately, co-showrunners Michael Green and Fuller thought that such was a great idea and found a way to make the character appear on the show.
Viewers can see Vulcan and his companions when “American Gods” premieres on Starz on April 2017. It was originally planned for HBO, but the project was shelved. Its broadcaster in Australia is yet to be announced.

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