Saturday, October 3, 2015

My Saturday Horror Binge - "Hausu," "Two of a Guillotine," and "The House of Seven Corpses"

Hausu - 1977
Joyfully bizarre. One of the best of the Japanese Schoolgirl Horror genre, it is a must see if you are a fan. Be warned, it make ABSOLUTELY no sense but in the best way possible!!!

Two on a Guillotine - 1966
Starring - Connie Stevens, Dean Jones, Cesar Romero
The leads are cute. The premise is cute. The acting is cute. Dear lord, it is sooooo long....for 1hr 47min, I thought it was much longer. Cesar Romero is the stand out, but is not in I nearly enough to save it.

The House of Seven Corpses - 1974
Starring - John Ireland, John Carradine, Faith Domergue
Do yourself a favour, go into this sadly, melodramatic horror film with the idea that this is a comedy. It doesn't really mean to be, but that the only hope you have of getting through it. Yuck!

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