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Once Upon A Time Gets The Graphic Novel Treatment! First Look HERE!

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marvel once upon a time graphic novel
Because none of us can get enough of Once Upon A Time
Marvel is teasing us with a first look at the show’s adapted graphic novel Once Upon A Time: Shadow Of The Queen!
As a collaborative effort between artists Nimit MalaviaVasilis Lolos,Mike Del MundoMike Henderson, and Michael Kaluta as well as co-writers Daniel Thomsen and Corinna Bechko, the novel centers around the Evil Queen Regina usual scheming!
Ch-ch-check out some of the AH-mazing clippings (below)!!
Marvel revealed:
"The Evil Queen has, quite literally, captured the Huntsman's heart - and now he's her slave. This is the never-before-told tale behind their twisted relationship - and what happens when a good man is forced to do bad. When Regina cooks up yet another devious plan to capture Snow White - this time by allying with a pack of power-hungry werewolves - the Huntsman comes face-to-face with his past - and an independent spirit in Red Riding Hood that just may match his own.”
The graphic novel is set to be released on September 4th, just a few weeks before the ABC show and its new spinoff pick up for a new season!
Can’t wait!!
[Image via Marvel.]
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