Thursday, July 12, 2012

Russell Simmons Enters Yoga Retail with ‘Tantris’ Line, Plans for Studios and Vegan Restaurants

by KATE E YD on JULY 9, 2012

Tantris "teaser" via Simmons's site
Coming this holiday season, serial yogapreneur Russell Simmons will be joining the celebrity yoga fashion crowd with his new line Tantris. The NYC native is no stranger to successful business ventures, having started the hip hop label Def Jam, and clothing lines including Phat Farm, Argyleculture and American Classics not to mention trying his hand at a reality TV show and writing books about being “Super Rich.” Crediting yoga for his renewed energy and vigor for life, the mogul will next conquer the ever growing yoga retail scene.
Tantris will include apparel, mats, candles, meditation beads and pillows. While initially the line will be sold in department stores, studios and spas, Simmons also shares his modest ambition to open his own studios, stores, juice bars and vegan restaurants. (It shall be noted Simmons is of the Jivamukti persuasion.)
In an interview with WWD back in March, Simmons explains, “I see yoga brands continuing to grow. I’m doing this because of my passion for yoga, not because I’m that kind of business guy.”
What kind of business guy would that be? Apparently not the kind who aspires to launch a line of yoga studios and doodads and tweet stuff like this.
Will your Secret Santa be bringing you Tantris this holiday season?

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