Sunday, April 15, 2012

New ‘Rock Your Yoga’ TV Show Will Star Yoga’s Rock Star Sadie Nardini


Sure you practice yoga. But have you been asking yourself lately, am I reallyrocking my yoga? Or is my yoga rocking me? These questions and more will surely be answered in the new TV show called “Rock Your Yoga” starring Sadie Nardini to be unleashed upon unassuming Dish and Verizon FIOS customers May 14th.
Did we ask for a yoga TV show? Well, we’ve got one! The series is to be the first of many yoga/wellness programs produced by the cable network Veria Living, which just set up shop with a studio (production, not yoga) in Manhattan. More fitness, cooking and talk shows will follow including some more original primetime programming like a series starring the zexy Middle East peacemaker Yogi Cameron and healthy food dude chef Nathan Lyon, currently in production. We take it our idea Bikram the Bloviator didn’t work out in story boarding.
As for Sadie Nardini, this is completely expected. Sadie is a YogaDork. We know this. She also happens to be one of the noted few who’ve made no bones about stepping her bare feet beyond the sanctum of a yoga studio for yoga tours across the country and across the internets with YouTube videos along with spirited, and somewhat punchy and hyperbolized online marketing. Her talent agent and management have surely raised the stakes.
Says Paul Cestari, the assistant general manager for Veria Living, “Sadie’s show encompasses everything Veria Living stands for – a wellness journey that’s fun.”
Elizabeth Browde, vice president of programming for Veria Living says, “Sadie’s show — she not only teaches how to do yoga, but how to live yoga.”
And rock it, we assume. Stay tuned.

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